Intuitive Wellness & Prosperity: Bring your life into BALANCE and CLARITY. You are guided to rediscover your divine purpose and direction for your life, your career, or both. Take the opportunity to deepen your receptivity, gain confidence and express consciousness in each decision and action. We'll work on transforming limiting beliefs, resolving self-defeating patterns, dissolving unbalanced energy and overcoming negative attitudes while receiving energetic synergy. Become empowered and live your life to its fullest! Sessions available in-person or distance-healings. Each session includes Energy-work. $300/2 hours

DNA Activation & Healing: Our DNA is the blueprint of life, 

found in every cell of our body. Each DNA strand corresponds to a dimensional frequency of consciousness. The potential that's encoded into our DNA allows 12 dimensions of consciousness. During this session, your 12 strand DNA is gathered & activated. You journey from a dense state of matter into a lighter state. You follow the true evolutionary path of human consciousness. Sessions available in-person or distance-healings. $300/2 hours

Re-inventing Yourself: This option is the ideal way to work on any intention, even if you don’t know exactly what it is. Let your Higher Self guide you to clear the most important issues hindering your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being. By connecting with your Higher Consciousness, I "hold the space" where together we transmute your energetic blockages. This session includes guidance on how to keep moving forward and manifest your desired reality. Each session includes energy-work. $200/hour or $500 for a 3 session package (must be used within 90-days)